How to resolve Error 3259 in Mac Outlook 2011?

Mac Outlook is an efficient email communication platform that runs on Apple Operating System. Apart from real-time email services, Mac Outlook also provides various collaborative services, which includes calendars, appointments, or tasks, etc. This Mac Outlook application runs in sync with the live Exchange Server. But, as the time progresses, Exchange Server, that hosts Mac Outlook application and stores Outlook user mailboxes, becomes unreliable and throws various errors. Apart from this, several other networking reasons and software corruptions also affect the authenticity of these Exchange Servers. To name a few, one of the most crucial error encountered with Mac Outlook 2011 is error 3259.

What is Error 3259? And what are Its After-Effects?

In Mac Outlook email application, error 3259 occurs because of incorrect configuration of POP3 settings of Mac Outlook user account. This error restricts the flow of emails at the receiving end, but the user can send email messages to other accounts. In addition, error 3259 can result in server timed out condition, which restricts the further flow of emails between client and server. However, if this error couldn’t be rectified in due period of time, then it can severely damage or corrupt the OLM data files.

How to Rectify Error 3259 in Mac Outlook 2011?

The following steps is recommended in order to resolve the “Error 3259 -An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic.”

  • Check the web connectivity by signing in the Mac Outlook user account using the correct user name and password.
  • Re-configure the POP3 settings of your Mac Outlook account. In order to configure accurate data in the POP3 settings dialog box, follow the below mentioned steps strictly.
  1. Open the Mac Outlook application
  2. Select your MSN or account by clicking the Tools button
  3. Specify in the Incoming server text box
  4. Configure the port number to 995
  5. Specify in the Outgoing server text box
  6. Configure the port number to 587
  7. Now, click the More Options button
  8. Select Use Incoming Server Info in the Authentication tab
  9. Exit the application
  10. Finally, click send and receive

After accomplishing the configuration of POP3 settings of your Mac Outlook user account, if you are still unable to establish the connection to the Exchange Server, then there might be chances that your OLM data files has been corrupted. Furthermore, OLM files is crucial to any Mac Outlook user as OLM stores emails, contacts, appointments, drafts, calendars, sent items, or journals. At this stage, recovery of OLM data files is impossible using any other manual method. To address such issue, you must acquire the assistance of genuine OLM email migration tool.

Solution: Kernel for OLM to PST

Kernel for OLM to PST is the comprehensive software to recover and convert corrupt or inaccessible OLM data files to Outlook PST files. The software is eligible to recover various Exchange Server errors as well as Mac Outlook errors, including error 3259. It is engrafted with advanced saving functionalities and outstanding rich graphical interface. In addition, the software has the provision of migrating the recovered OLM data files to proficient email servers, Web-based email apps, as well as Office 365 mailboxes. You can try the evaluation version of the software to get more idea about it. For more details, navigate to site:


How to Move Outlook for Mac emails to MS Outlook?

Outlook for Mac, the Microsoft email client for Mac environment, provides emailing, calendaring, and contact management facilities. It is superior to many other email clients of Mac environment because of its Exchange Server connectivity.

MS Outlook and Outlook for Mac, though both these email clients are from Microsoft, cannot be considered the same application if two different platforms. They differ in features and functionalities. MS Outlook is a mature product that has established itself as the leading email client for Windows environment. But Outlook for Mac is yet to provide all the features and functionalities available in MS Outlook. It is expected that Microsoft will be making it more comprehensive in near future. Also, MS Outlook and Outlook for Mac use different formats for their mailbox items. MS Outlook uses PST format, and Outlook for Mac uses OLM format.

olm-to-pstIn some situations many Mac users switch over to Windows. Then it is necessary for them to move their old emails and other items to the email client that works in Windows – in most cases, MS Outlook. As they use different formats for their emails, one cannot directly access Outlook for Mac emails in MS Outlook. This is a major issue faced by users who switch over. As there are no Microsoft methods for the conversion/migration of OLM files to PST, users have to find alternate ways for accomplish it.

Move Outlook for Mac emails to PST Using an IMAP Account

You can move emails of Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook using IMAP account. However it may require a lot of time; users need to technically proficient also. You can try this by following the procedure given below (steps are given in brief only):

  1. Enable IMAP in a Gmail account.gmail_imap_setting-100032842-large
  2. Configure Outlook for Mac with the Gmail account.gmail_outlook_2011_for_mac_image4
  3. Create a Gmail label and synchronize the Outlook for Mac with the IMAP account.1369077300-Outlook IMAP Root Folder
  4. Move Outlook for Mac emails to IMAP mailbox.
  5. Finally move emails form IMAP mailbox to MS Outlook.gmail_outlook_2011_for_mac_image9

Now you can access Outlook for Mac emails in MS Outlook.

Kernel for OLM to PST – For Quick and Easy Migration of OLM files to MS Outlook

Kernel for OLM to PST is a professional tool designed for the quick and easy Convert OLM to PST. This is a user-friendly tool that can be used even by normal users of MS Outlook. You can try this easy method, if you find it difficult to move Outlook for Mac emails to PST using IMAP account.

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