Import Outlook for Mac contact list to MS Outlook with OLM to PST converter tool

Both Mac and Windows operating systems are widely used by users due to their specific significances. But some situations are there when Windows wins over Mac due to its special applications or user preference. Also, Windows allows easy navigation to various applications which become handy for users than using Mac. Besides, installation as well as maintenance cost of Mac is much higher than to setup Windows operating system which normal home users cannot afford. Such situations lead users switch from Mac to Windows as well as migrate user data from one platform to another. While switching from Mac to Windows, the biggest part of concern is the mailbox data that have been saved in Outlook for Mac in Mac OS. As Outlook for Mac saves user mailbox data in OLM Converter file, users need to migrate those data into MS Outlook PST file during the switching process.

In your daily schedule, you may sometimes need to import contacts from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook. To successfully export contacts to MS Outlook PST file, you can apply some in-built methods. The simplest thing that you can do is by dragging the contacts to a folder on your desktop and then importing the folder in MS Outlook. Sometimes, this process works and imports all the data without any problem and sometimes reverse happens. For the other case, you might have problem in accessing the contacts folder after it has been imported to MS Outlook or you may receive unfamiliar error while importing it to MS Outlook. For such cases, third party tools are used which never fail in migrating user mailbox data from Mac OS to Windows.

Kernel for OLM to PST is the name of a mailbox converter software that accurately converts user mailbox data stored in Outlook for Mac OLM file to MS Outlook PST file. It takes OLM file as input, extracts all data from it and saves it into PST file. Read more DetailĀ