Swift Methodology to Access the MAC for Outlook Data items on Windows based MS Outlook

Numerous email platforms are available nowadays and every organization chooses the one which suits their requirements. But amongst them, the most successful ones are those which can be accessed on Windows. The reason being, Windows is the most common operating system world-wide and due to this fact the email applications that are used on other Operating Systems suffer certain limitations when their data needs to be shared with Windows users.


Also, Outlook for Mac is an efficient email platform in itself but can be operated on MAC operating system only. And when any random Windows user needs to access the mails or data stored on Outlook for MAC platform then problem arises. Consider a scenario where you are the administrator of the organization which is using Outlook 2011 for Mac email platform for communication purpose within the organization. Due to compatibility issues, the owner decides to switch to Outlook for Windows as problems are encountered when data needs to be shared with clients who generally are Windows users.

Taking the decision of switching, installing Windows and MS Outlook is easy but the main issue lies in the fact that how to migrate the old data from Outlook 2011 for Mac in to MS Outlook 2010 for Windows. It really is not simple to carry out with ease and accuracy without taking the help of external sources. A commercial tool for conversion of OLM files of Outlook for Mac in to MS Outlook for Windows can be used for this purpose.

downloadolmtopstFor preciseĀ  of OLM to PST Conversion there are plenty of tools available in the market but the important thing is to choose the best one that suits your needs and requirements. The foremost thing is to ensure that it is compatible with the version of Outlook of Mac from which you want to migrate emails and MS Outlook for Windows into which the emails need to be migrated.

Kernel for OLM to PST is such expedient software that flawlessly converts the OLM file into Outlook importable PST file. While migrating the software, ensure that the conversion is carried out with complete accuracy and precision. Also, if the OLM files are corrupt then the software first repairs the corrupt OLM file and then convert it into PST file. To facilitate its users, the software allows saving the files in PST, EML and MSG format. To know more about the software, you can visit the website: http://www.olmconversion.softwaredatarecovery.net/