How to read OLM files in MS Outlook Windows platform

Apple Technologies, a name synonymous to high society is now becoming very common. Every five out of ten people are opting for Apple products. With rise of technology and more people getting inclined on Apple products there is a great need of converters that help in reading emails or certain documents that have been created in Mac OS. For instance, Mac uses Outlook for Mac for emails and if by chance you need to read or edit this email in another system having Windows, you might want to convert it to PST file format.

Working as sales marketing expert in a huge organization, I was given task of managing online sales of software. The emails and related information that I got from the client were created in OLM (Outlook for Mac). Accessing these emails on my Windows platform got impossible. The only way to access these and find data contained was to convert it from OLM to PST by any means. I was able to convert some files by following these steps;

  • Put Mac file safely on the local computer and save it to the location easily accessible
  • Configure MS Outlook 2011 before hand
  • On Microsoft Outlook, Click on Files->Select Import
  • Choose Outlook Data file (PST or OLM) and click on right arrow to continue
  • Select type of file that has to be imported and click on right arrow to proceed
  • Locate OLM data and click Import
  • After completion, you get a window saying, “Outlook has finished importing your data.”

Although, I could convert some emails easily but missed out a lot. Errors like these came and the process stopped immediately.

  • Error Signature: EXC_BAD_Access
  • Crashed Module offset: 0x00008ec0
  • Blame Module Name: CoreFoundation
  • Blame Module Offset: 0x0008ec0

I researched a bit and found out proficient third party OLM to PST Converter software that performed absolute migration of OLM files to PST within minutes without any error. Kernel for OLM to PST Conversion software is easy to use, interactive and graphical tool that makes entire process uncomplicated. The software helped me to recover and convert entire OLM files and extract data from it.

The software converts emails, contacts, calendars, hyperlinks etc and saves them to EML, MSG or PST file as and when required. This software enables users to preserve the data structure and formatting of files contained. The resultant PST can be saved date wise as well. The software supports 32 as well as 64 bit Windows Operating System with utmost ease and accuracy. Furthermore, this software is available in free trial edition that could be used before buying complete software. The free version allows users to convert as many files as required but save only first ten items per folder.

I was not sure about this software at first, so I downloaded the free edition. As it successfully converted some OLM files for me, I purchased the complete utility. It helped me to clear my doubts and test the software beforehand!

Kernel for OLM to PST software easily converts entire OLM mailbox to PST mode as and when required. This software is easy to use and download. It takes OLM file as input and converts entire mailbox data to PST file format quickly! To know more about the software, please go to


2 thoughts on “How to read OLM files in MS Outlook Windows platform

  1. bertleen says:

    Recently i have use this tool its very effective software, Kernel for OLM to PST converter software easily converts entire OLM mailbox to PST format as and when required. The software easy to use and time saving device.

  2. Kian Marky says:

    This post gives you the info about OLM to PSt conversion.If you are not aware of the fact that what is the need of OLM Files to PST Files conversion then you must not be aware of the fact that accessibility of OLM file on platform other than Outlook for Mac is not possible. Due to this reason OLM Converter application is highly demanded by users to Export Outlook Mac to PST.

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